CARE-ME® is suitable for many types of migraine pains, regardless of the initial cause of the pain as the pain signals caused by these conditions are transmitted along the same nerve (the trigeminal nerve).
The operating principle of CARE-ME® is that it is a versatile device, insofar as certain aspects of treatment act against the transmission of pain in a non-specific manner; other aspects play a more sophisticated and specific role to make CARE-ME® especially effective in certain cases.

CARE-ME® has been specially studied for curative treatment of migraines, whatever their type. In these cases, it can have a definitive result:

  • Migraines without aura (classic migraines)
  • Migraines with aura
  • Ophthalmic migraines 
  • Catamenial migraines (related to the menstrual cycle).

CARE-ME® can also treat disorders related to migraines as it has a palliative effect, regardless of the cause of the pain:

  • Headaches
  • Classic fatigue headaches caused by sensory hyperstimulation.
  • Arthralgic headaches of the neck area.
  • Occipital neuralgia.
  • Tension headaches.
  • Facial neuralgia "from the cold".
  • Post-traumatic neuralgia by nervous deafferentation.
  • Post-herpetic neuralgia (shingles).
  • Trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Cluster headaches.

CARE-ME® is for patients suffering from migraine pains who have been given a prior medical diagnosis to rule out any diagnoses representing a contraindication to the use of this device. 

We also recommend that you consult a general practitioner or a neurologist:

  • concerning any migraine pains which have not been the subject of a prior consultation,
  • concerning any recently appearing migraine pain,
  • concerning any recent change in the characteristics of a migraine even if migraines have been previously experienced.

The use of CARE-ME® is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Children younger than 16 years of age
  • PACEMAKER carriers      
  • General undiagnosed condition accompanied by fever        
  • Untreated arterial hypertension        
  • Neurological disorder (personal or hereditary)        
  • History of epilepsy (personal or familial)      
  • History of brain trauma with neurological sequelae        
  • General condition with complications such as meningeal syndrome, or meningitis, or encephalitis        
  • Bypass valve for cerebrospinal fluid        
  • Cerebral or facial prosthesis made from metal (except for dental fillings and implants)        
  • Intracranial hypertension       
  • History of Intracerebral Vascular Malformation (personal or familial)       
  • Intracranial tumour or cerebral metastasis        
  • Horton's disease        
  • Glaucoma.


If in doubt, and especially if you feel that your previous migraines have changed suddenly, or if the migraines occur very severely at times you have never experienced them, consult your doctor before using CARE-ME®.