The therapeutic method of CARE-ME® has been practiced for 20 years from 1994 to 2014, in a medical environment, involving more than 5500 patients. During this period, the method was found to be very effective, both as a background treatment and an attack treatment.

You should feel a 50% decrease in pain in a matter of seconds and total elimination of pain in the seconds following the 30-minute treatment.

When the patient is treated during an attack, the sensation of pain is reduced by at least 50% from the end of the treatment. In about 80% of cases, there is no more sensation of pain at the end of the session.

The frequency of the attacks is considerably reduced within three to six sessions (2 weeks of treatment), with, in a significant percentage of cases, total remission of the condition in approximately 4 weeks of treatment.

When a recovery is reached, its duration varies according to the patients. It can last between 1 and 20 years (20 years constituting the current maximum recovery).

What results can I hope for with CARE-ME® ?

During a classic migraine attack: Treatment for the attack:

You should see a reduction in pain of up to 50% within a few seconds to a total absence of pain in the seconds following the end of the 30 minutes of treatment.

To reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks: Background treatment:

Multiple sessions may be necessary - one session per day or every alternate day according to the case, for a total of about ten sessions. A complete cure may be reached.

In the most difficult cases and for migraine-related conditions:

It may be necessary to restart the treatment periods every two to six months, and at most continuously, for one session every two to three days.

In all cases, there will be no increased tolerance to or limited effectiveness of the treatment duration.